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Federal and state laws authorize individuals who are victims of scams and unfair business practices to enforce their rights through the class action mechanism. Such private enforcement is critical. Often, limited funding for governmental enforcement results in consumers being unable to pursue compensation for such fraudulent conduct.

Consumer protection class actions generally involve misleading or untrue advertising, overcharging for goods or services, inadequate disclosure of terms, fees or consumer rights, and failure to remedy problems or complaints. Many complaints involve defective consumer products, insurance, individual and home loans, credit repair, telephone and internet services, banking and credit card practices, deceptive advertising of products and services, and pyramid schemes. Relief can range from refunds to restitution, medical monitoring, injunctions and/or revised notification.

FT has successfully represented individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses injured or defrauded by the wrongdoing of others in class actions throughout the country. Our firm has obtained significant settlements and judgments for thousands of credit card holders, purchasers of defective products, customers of Internet service providers, purchasers of prescription drugs, and insureds. Our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to provide the highest quality legal representation on a contingency fee basis. FT is a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

In the past few years, there have been a number of incidents where companies responsible for the health, financial and personal data of consumers have failed to protect that information. Our firm has brought such data breach cases against TJX Companies, Inc., Certegy, Inc., Hannaford Bros. Co., and Countrywide Financial Corporation for their failure to secure the sensitive personal data of their customers and employees. If you have received notice that your personal health or financial data may have been compromised, and you wish to discuss your rights and interests, please contact us.

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