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Oral-B Electric Toothbrush Battery May Die Before Life Expectancy

We are investigating allegations against Oral-B, which markets and advertises its electric toothbrush as long-lasting when, in fact, that may not be true. Consumers allege that after a short period of use, the toothbrush battery fails to charge, rendering the toothbrush inoperable.  Some consumers further allege that the battery cannot be replaced, because of how the toothbrush is designed and that there is no way to tighten what may be a loose connection in the battery holder.

The alleged defected toothbrushes include:          

  • Pulsar Oral B
  • Oral – B Professional Deep Sweep Triaction 1000
  • Oral – B Pro 1000

If you or anyone you know purchased an Oral – B electric toothbrush, please contact Finkelstein Thompson LLP. You can reach us at contact@finkelsteinthompson.com or call us toll-free at 1-844-280-5009.

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