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SAT May Be Leaking Test Answers

We are investigating allegations against the College Board and Educational Testing Service for failing to put proper security measures in place for SAT testing. Students allege that College Board undermines test score integrity by recycling tests to avoid certain cost. The College Board allegedly recycles test materials enabling test preparation operators to gain access to the contents of the SAT exam and package that material for their clients to study. The College Board may have been aware of this security crisis, and since October 2014, has delayed issuing scores in Asia six times and canceled an exam sitting in Asia based on evidence that the test material has been exposed to the public.

If you or anyone you know may have took the SAT exam on August 25, 2018 and August 26, 2018, please contact Finkelstein Thompson LLP. You can reach us at contact@finkelsteinthompson.com or call us toll-free at 1-844-280-5009.

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